2018 Mizner Medal for Chilean Avenue

Residential Architecture – Renovations & Additions
Architectural Design
Palm Beach, Florida

This project called for the creative restoration of a Spanish Colonial Revival style house in Palm Beach, Florida. The house, built in 1928, is a stucco balloon frame two-story building attributed to the architect John Volk. Many of the house’s original features had been retained, but it had also been renovated and added to periodically over the years. Many interior spaces were gloomy and bore no relation to the original house. Our intent was to preserve the integrity of the original house but renovate and restore it. New rooms, spaces, and architectural features were designed to be in the spirit of the old. Quality and authenticity of materials and craftsmanship were of paramount importance, not just to us, but to our clients who are designers and collectors. They wanted to preserve original elements that remained, and respectfully create new in character with the old, but also incorporate modern furnishings, materials, and artwork in a distinct but appropriate way. They were highly involved throughout the design process, and thusly the house is uniquely suited to them.

The front elevation of the house remains unchanged with the exception of the addition of a stucco street wall and piers with stone caps. On the garden side of the house, we designed a cypress pergola supported by two stucco end piers with a center cypress post and bracket that relate to the existing loggia posts south of the Family Room.

2 Sniffen Court
New York, NY 10016

214 Brazilian Ave, Suite 100
Palm Beach, FL 33480


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