Richard Sammons Lectures on Architectural Proportion

Nov. 19, 2008

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America hosted a special lecture with Richard Sammons at the Preservation Foundation in Palm Beach, Florida, February 13, 2010 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm,  on the "Mechanics of Beauty". The lecture and workshop taught by architect Richard Sammons covers the understanding and application of proportion in architecture and design.  Richard Sammons is the leading authority on architectural proportion and has lectured on the subject on many occasions...

His written foreword for Theory of Mouldings by Howard C. Walker is a detailed study on some of the methods that Richard employs as the chief designer at Fairfax & Sammons Architects.

Lecture Topics covered will include:

• Lexicon of Architecture
• Mechanics of Beauty in Architecture
• Tectonic Imperative in Architecture
• Compositional Architecture
• Linear Proportion in Architecture
• Geometric Proportion in Architecture
• Dismissing the Diameter in Architecture
• Brilliance in the Dark Ages in Architecture
• Dislodging the Masons in Architecture
• The Renaissance - Death of the Classical Tradition in Architecture
• Proportion Applied and Contemporary Practice in Architecture

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