Charleston Post & Courier - November 27, 2003

"The ground rules were simple: Don't worry about zoning or other restrictions. Truman Moore said there was one primary rule: "Just put there what you would like to put there." A The experiment stayed in neutral until members of the group, which also included architects Goff- D'Antonio, Ralph Muldrow and Randolph Martz, donated hundreds of hours of their own time. "All the architects who said they didn't have time found the time," Truman Moore said. "You could see the hairs stand up on the backs of their necks." Of the buildings now surrounding the square, only the two churches would be left untouched. Four other structures - the old Citadel, the Knights of Columbus building, the Francis Marion Hotel and its parking garage would be saved and detailed. The former Charleston County Library, the federal building, the gas station at Meeting and Calhoun and several other buildings would be replaced by larger, classical structures. The vision calls for replacing the federal building with a new building similar to the old Charleston Hotel, a landmark about five blocks south of the square that was razed several decades ago. "

- Robert Behre

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